Rosemary is a fragrant herb with      ever-green needle like leaves. 

Olive Tree

Is grown for its oil and fruit. Both attractive and versatile plant and hardy to Australian climates.


They have succulent and glossy, deep green leaves. With gorgeous fragrant flowers. Fleshy or leathery berries then follow. 


Are beautiful plans with wonderful blooks on tall stems. When flowering has an amazing visual impact. Available in white or blue. 


Romantic Lavender is generally grown for essential oils. Beautiful purple flowers stem from the centre; flowers normally Spring/Summer, variety & flowers not guaranteed.

Orange Jasmine

(Murraya Paniculata)

Similar to an orange blossom for its gorgeous perfumed creamy flowers. With a citrusy aroma when the leaves are crushed, and small red fruits follow the flowers. 

Lilly Pilly

They have glossy colourful new growth, ranging from brilliant pink to red-brown. Fluffy white or greenish fragrant flowers will appear followed by long lasting red, purple or whitish berries or fruits. 

Tricolour Jasmine

A beautiful climbing or ground cover plant that has small fragrant pinkish-white flowers. New growth emerges as hot pink and turns to white splashed on green.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: The plants available from Flourish Bomboniere are hardy to the Australian conditions of heat and frost. They can grow in all climates and will not disturb any other plants in your garden. It is important to keep this in mind when choosing your plant bomboniere.

All plants can be planted in either a pot or the garden bed and can be trimmed to a desired height.


All plants have different characteristics and will not be identical in shape, however will be a similar height. We hand pick all our plants so will do our best to pick the best plants available for your day. Flowers are not guaranteed and depend upon mother nature. Plants generally flower during Spring/Summer. We will choose the best variety available for your day.


All plants are approximately 15-23cm in height, including the pot.


These trendy looking plants grow well with little or no maintenance. Perfect for all occasions. AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP or SYDNEY COURIER ONLY

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