We have guests coming to our wedding from interstate, can they take their plants home?


Yes, they can. All our plants have been approved by customs and can be taken into and out of all states except for TAS, WA, NT.


Some clients request glass jars or tins, why do we not sell these? 


Plants need the water to drain from the pot in order to survive. We want to ensure longevity of your plants and ensure they last a lifetime. Glass jars and tins do not have holes for the water to drain, they will die soon after.


The plants in our pots can survive and continue to grow forever. We do encourage you to re-pot the plant after approximately 4-5 months at the maximum in a larger pot, or in the garden. All plant care information is available from our website. Note: Some succulents may be suitable in jars and tins.


Why are our prices higher than online shops on the market?


Flourish Bomboniere is the original and the 1st living bomboniere company to begin operation in Australia.


We are the quality product of what is available in the market, many a times I get brides or customers ringing me saying they are so disappointed with what they have bought online or with other companies that they now need to purchase from us. We have many years experience in doing what we do, we are the premium product in the market. Our prices are reasonable and our quality and service is of 1st class.


We have over 20 years experience in the events industry, including horticulture experience. We know our plants, our product and the industry.

Our prices are based on materials and labour. We hand make each individual bomboniere with love and care. You will LOVE our product.


Why sell the plants that we sell?


The plants that are available on our website have been carefully chosen. We chose plants that are easy to grow and maintain, hardy to the Australian conditions of heat and frost, and can be taken to the extreme heat of Cairns to the cold of Victoria.


Our plants will not overtake your garden like some I have seen in the market and online shops.


How much notice do I need to book in order to arrange a booking?


Anything is possible....we have done several last minute events where the bride or event organiser needs a last minute order. We do prefer at least 3-4 weeks notice and this is preferable for you to get the exact plants, wrappings and ribbons that you require, especially if you require the olive trees.


However, please always call or email us and chat about what you need and we can arrange a beautiful bomboniere for your occasion.


What are the size of the plants?


All our plants have different characteristics and have varying sizes, most of our plants are sized from 13-23cm (this includes the pot size of 8cm), depending on the plant variety that you choose. All plants are chosen from the same location so if you choose all gardenia then all the gardenia will be of similar height.


Our succulents are a lot smaller as succulents tend to lie quite flat. The pot size is still 8cm.


We hand pick all our plants so any preferences can be mentioned at time of booking.


The plants are a perfect size for bomboniere, they will not overtake any other table decoration or get in the way of people seeing eachother. They will sit beautifully next to place cards or the cake table.


If I am using the courier option when will my plants arrive?


For Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra the plants will depart on the Tuesday and be with you either the Wednesday or the Thursday the week of your event.


For Sydney, departure from our office on the Wednesday for arrival Thursday.


Why do we not have an online shop?


We believe that the best customer service can be given via one-to-one contact with the client. Whether it be a phone call or email, we take every client’s requirements seriously. We have been awarded excellence in customer service and believe that this is one of the many reasons for our success.

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