Flourish Christenings, Confirmations & Communions

A plant symbolises new life, new growth and the start of something truly special.


Flourish Bomboniere is perfect for Christenings & Holy Communions.


Why not give a gift that your guests will plant and remember forever as it grows and grows?


A cross embellishment or symbol can be added for all label designs.


A Christening or Holy Communion gift of a plant will ensure that each guest is reminded of the child's life & relationship with God and that this relationship will continue to grow forever.


The Christening or Holy Communion plant creations can be designed to match theme colours, outfits and have special thank you cards attached. "All things grow with love"



*24 hour response time

*Excellence & qualifications in Horticulture, Events, Hospitality & Business

*Award Winning


*Supporting local suppliers

*Express & interstate delivery options

*98.6% Rating of Excellence from all our Brides

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Specialising in bomboniere and gift favours for Weddings, Christenings, Holy Communion, Corporate Events, Product Launches, Baby Showers, House Warmings, Anniversaries and Parties